Smart Vending

A Sea Change is on the Horizon for the CPG Industry...

Massive Labor Shortages

Global Supply Chain Crises

Skyrocketing Inflation and Interest Rates

Difficulty in merchandising high value, high theft, compact items

Inability to create differentiation and break through the noise

Challenges to creating real consumer engagement in a fragmented audience with a short attention span

How can anyone solve for ‘X’ in this environment?

Enter ABSea Change Mercantile solutions

Cannaballers/ABSea Change is currently working on trailblazing innovative merchandising solutions for CBD and other industries.

In partnership with FastCorp Robotic Vending, a leading domestic manufacturer of smart vending technologies, Cannaballers is testing out new concept pilots, and learning from real data how we can best serve consumers and brands in the marketplace.

Our smart vending platform provides both end-users and retailers with an invaluable tool for line, inventory and data management.
Our merchandising solution doubles as a marketing tool, allowing brands to connect directly with their audience, and learn about how best to meet their needs.
It’s our mission to arm consumers with the power of information, and education to inform their purchase, through the power of interactive media at the point of sale.

If you have a brand or retail store and you’re interested in testing a machine, reach out to us on our brands or distributors page and let us know about the smart vending opportunity that you’re looking to explore.

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