About Us

Right about now, you're probably asking yourself...

So, just who in God’s name are these Cannaballers anyway, and why on earth, would I want to listen to them, for that matter?

About our mission:

At the core of our mission is bringing value to the marketplace by ensuring that consumers have access to safe, high-quality, and affordable wellness products. We're dreamers and disruptors, and we're constantly working on innovative solutions to make both life and business better.

the Leadership Team

Cannaballers was started as a collaboration between veteran experts in the CBD and CPG industries.
A bunch of us put our heads together to see if we could come up with better solutions for the problems plaguing the CBD category at retail and at other choke points.

With experience as a former SVP of Sales for Ben & Jerry’s & Unilever, and as an executive at many other companies, our CEO Chuck Green, brings decades of sales excellence  and executive leadership to our company and to your business.

A creative marketer, writer, sales warrior and cannabis industry insider, Gabriel Alon Greenstein, has over 14 years of experience as a legal cannabis/CBD entrepreneur, bringing best practices, as well as product & marketing innovation and differentiation to the industry. 

Scott Boughey, our Executive Sales Leader, is an expert in the CBD/Cannabis industry, and brings to the table an extensive network of customers, distributors and brokers.

CFO, Robert Bohorad comes to the table with a wealth of experience as the President, CEO, COO, and CFO at Yuengling Ice Cream, and as an executive at other companies.

Joe is an influencer marketing, and business development leader. As a sports agent repping players in the pro leagues, Joe Tyler brings to the table his experience, patented charm, and deep bench of contacts.

Among his professional accomplishments, Joe was the only agent in NFL history to get a player signed at second pro with the Pittsburg Steelers.

National Account Leadership & Broker Network

We look for maximum penetration into every possible applicable channel of trade. We believe in overcoming barriers for entry and access to opportunity and have put together a best-in-class and extensive network of in person sales reps as well as regional and national broker and distribution partners in order to ensure that our products get an audience.

Based on the east coast, Dawn Kershaw manages national sales and broker teams, and is a mobile marketing monster at events.

Jerome Vogt is a c-store master based on the West Coast. He works with national and regional accounts and brokers.

Duane Tsuburaya manages business in Hawaii, pacific and other specialty regions.

Brand ambassadors:

Honoring the legacy and mourning the loss of a legend.

The Cannaballers Family, is deeply saddened by the loss of our friend, and partner, UFC Hall of Fame Fighter, Stephan Bonnar.

Our hearts go our to his family, and to all of Stephan’s fans. 

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