Let's face it, the health & wellness Market is a Mess!

With literally thousands of brands slugging it out in the marketplace, making the same or similar products, how is anyone supposed to know which brands are safe, clean, effective, and offer real value to consumers?

The experts and industry insiders at Cannaballers have already done all of the research and work for you.

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A Better Game-Plan for Health & Wellness

“We’ve put a lot of time, care, and love into hand selecting products to help people maximize their recoveries, enhance their active lifestyles, or just feel better… I’m not just the President of Cannaballers, but I’m also a client!”

-Gabriel Alon Greenstein, Founder of Cannaballers

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Honoring the legacy and mourning the loss of a legend.

The Cannaballers Family, is deeply saddened by the loss of our friend, and partner, UFC Hall of Fame Fighter, Stephan Bonnar.

Our hearts go out to his family, and to all of Stephan’s fans. 

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Pot for President: 16 American cultural icons & institutions that are less popular than marijuana!

Did you know that by the numbers, legal adult-use cannabis, is exactly as American as Apple Pie, which also enjoys the support of 68% of the US Public?

America is deeply at odds over everything. We can’t seem to agree on anything anymore. Anything that is except for…

The popularity of legal recreational cannabis has now gotten so high, pun intended, that it enjoys the support of 68% of the American people. Medical marijuana comes in at a whopping 91%, which for perspective, makes it even more popular than beloved actor, and cultural icon, Tom Hanks, who enjoys only a 76% public approval rating.


Coming soon- The Insider’s Guide to the Cannabis Industry, and The Untold Tales of the Green Rush, written by Cannaballers’ founder, Gabriel Greenstein, along with the help from a variety of history-making industry experts.

A Sea Change for the Industry is Here!

In partnership with select brands and retailers, Cannaballers is working closely with manuafacturers of industry leading robotics and smart vending technologies, to create cutting edge and innovative new merchandising and marketing opportunities.